Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elizabeth Abrahamson I would like to give a wonderful recommendation for Breindel Wood. She has given me fantastic advice on many occasions. Her great advice stems from incredible knowledge and passion for helping others, as well as life experience. As a younger person, I am very appreciative of her willingness to instill her life lessons in advice she has given me and others. I would strongly urge you to consider consulting Breindel for your own problems. I am sure you will be extremely pleased with the result.
Sarah 'Massey' Buran Breindel has helped me with a problem I was facing. t was a seemingly impossible problem that I had sought the help of many for. I must confess her advice was by far the best I was ever given (and my husband and I had seen a therapist about this issue). She not only relayed her advice to me but she gave reasoning for why she advised what she did ( something that helped me follow the advice she gave). I would completely reccomend her services to any one with any type of relationship problem. Breindel is well educated about relationship resources out there that would benefit couples (i.e books, websites, ect.). Her scope of expertise seems to be broad and all encompassing. She has an excellent grasp on the inner workings of human relationships. She is a genuinely caring individual that I have seen help numerous people out with their relationship problems. I fully support her in her relationship consulting business and would reccomend her to anyone of my friends and family. I would whole-heartedly urge anyone with a relationship dilemma to seek help from Breindel
Amanda Pillar Copeland Breindel gives excellent advise. She tries to be very objective and she will ask questions till she feels she can give the best advice she can. Whats she does for us on here would cost us hundreds of dollars anywhere else and we probably wouldn't get as good of advice. She also makes you feel like you are talking to a friend that you have known for years. I would suggest Breindel to anyone that need relationship advice. Thanks Breindel for everything that you do!!!
Chantal M. Shelstad Breindel is wonderful when it comes to relationship advice! She helped me get through a problem I had with my husband and my in-laws. Her advice was honest, thoughtful and specific. She did not judge or make you feel bad for asking questions. I would go back to her in a heart beat with my next problem! Thanks Breindel!
Danielle Barnes Leal After 10 years of struggling with marital problems and even seeking professional advice. Breindal helped me to uncover the SOLUTION. Absolutely the best advice around!
Aaron Grinshpan As a Professional in Human resources there's some things i would like to add: 1. People can't expect a consultant would solve all their problems if their keeping the same behavior. 2. If you write on a blog this info is no longer confidential if its a public eye. 3. For the time I've known Breindel, she makes an amazing job with people who have "couple issues" and her confidentiality has always been #1. 4. In my personal experience i always had excellent advice from Breindel, her professionalism, understanding and interpretation is amazing and so many people would say the same thing. 5. There's always a rate of unsuccessful cases , of course we are human and our behavior could change everything. 6. for sure i trust Breindel confidentiality ALWAYS.
Katy Fry Breindel Wood has helped many women on facebooks application; WedBook. Her advice helped me see the other sides of my current problems, and in result it helped me resolve my issue at the time. She is kind and always willing to help with advice. During my troubles of planning my wedding, I have came to WedBook for a strong network of women who are going through a lot of the same things as I am. Breindel has helped us all realize that we all go there to encourage each other and genuinely advise eachother. I feel comfortable speaking with Breindel about anything that is troubling me reguarding our upcoming wedding or my realationship, even though I have never met her. She will help with any situation that you are open to talk about. Her dedication to help others is astonishing, and I would recommend anyone with relationship problems or wedding planning problems to ask her for help!
Kayla Arnold Breindel has been so helpful when I have needed her advice. What I love is that she is able to dig into the root of the problem and come to a solution that is a win for all parties. Advice like hers is definitely hard to come by!
Kirsten Eller Laufer Breindel's advice is priceless. I initially got to know Breindel when she replied to a difficult situation I was facing involving my in-laws and my wedding. Our situation was very sticky (and frustrating!)--Breindel offered real-world advice that helped my husband and me through it. What was just as significant as the advice is that she stayed in contact with me to ensure that we got through it smoothly. I've never met Breindel personally, but to have so much support from her was very encouraging and inspiring. I've read Breindel's suggestions and advice to others as well, and there's no question that she understands people. Her advice is always helpful, honest and well thought-out. I would definitely encourage her to anyone seeking a greater understanding of the relationships in their lives.